Adidas Superstar is back to steal the heart of every true sneaker lover!

A long long time ago in the distant 1969, when humanity was experiencing the Internet's first steps and man was landing on the moon for the first time, a controversial sneaker made its first appearance in the basketball courts. 

Today, the Adidas Superstar has established itself among the legends of the sneaker world with as many ups and downs as the number of the different designs that have come out throughout the years. Once loved and admired, then ridiculed and thrown in the corner, and back around.


Adidas Superstar White Black


With the end of 2014 seeing the revival of some iconic Adidas Originals styles from old times, it seems that 2015 is all the Year Of The Superstar in the fashion calendar.

And how could this classic shell-toe not come back from the golden 90's and remind us of the perfect recipe between simplicity and edgy touches? But Superstar couldn't care less about all that. All that mattered was to show its little brother, Stan Smith, how things are done. And it does a perfect job at that.



Adidas Superstar Black White


The Adidas Superstar has the same simple and minimalistic attributes as the Stan Smith, but put these two next to each other and you can't help but admit: Superstar has got style!

Now we don't mean to undermine the eternally loved Stan Smith, we love it and you probably do too. There's really nothing to hate about it. But the same goes for the Superstar. It really depends on whether you want the old vintage choice or the classic-but-edgy option.

And what could be better than the brand new looks the Superstar is bringing to the wolrd! If you wanna stick to the classic looks and bring your choker necklace and your Spice Girls poster out of your dusty 90's box, you can go for the old school white version with the black stripes. But if you are the type of person who takes the old and gives it a fresh modern esense, Adidas has brought a bucketload of new designs for you to pick. 

It goes without saying, no matter what type of Superstar fan you are, these sneakers will go perfectly with any outfit!



Adidas Superstar White White

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