Sneaky Brand Products

SneakyBrand is the definition of shoe care at its finest. It's time to say 'goodbye' to stains and smells!

So you've just spent a handful of money for your awesome -and ultra fragile- kicks and now keep them on the shelf because you know what will happen if your best mate spills his drink and stains them.
Don't have friends? Well, neither does rain, and rain HATES suede shoes (among other things). Or maybe you were simply not blessed with non-smelly feet and now you don't dare take your shoes of even if you're home alone.

Fortunately for you, SneakyBrand has taken everything into consideration and is presenting a revolutionary care product collection that covers every need. We at HotelShops have gotten our hands on these little treats and are presenting them to you!


Sneaky Spray

Sneaky Spray 

Sneaky Spray is probably the King among SneakyBrand's products. Existing with one sole purpose, Sneaky Spray repells and protects from any kind of stains and liquids. This magic, silicone-based spray creates an invisible and breathable layer of protection around your sneakers, but can also be used on a variety of apparel like hats, bags and clothing. 

Not sure if you can use it on your shoes? No worries! Sneaky Spray will work on all types of materials including leather, canvas, nubuck and that all important Holy Grail of materials; suede.

All you need to do is spray over the entire surface until there is a wet sheen. Allow to dry for 24 hours. For super duper protection or on specialist materials (such as Sheepskin) repeat the process. Don't forget to clean the surface thoroughly before applying. You don't want that dirt or stain to stick on your shoes forever!

Now, if you wonder how long the spray might last (forever sounds like an awful long time), one apply has been tested to last for over 1 year! Then again, this really depends on the use of your footwear and we recommend you re-apply every month or after cleaning/heavy use.


Sneaky Spray works perfect with your bright coloured shoes (white, yellow, etc) and this is obviously good news since these are the tough ones that tend do get really really dirty. Of course you can spray shoes of any colour with the exact same results!



Sneaky Wipes

Sneaky Wipes 

Sneaky Wipes are a pocket sized essential for keeping your kicks fresh on the go.They are dual sided wipes that not only clean but also protect your shoes.

Embedded in the cloth are micro beads which help to remove the toughest grime. A specially formulated solution offers great cleaning and temporary protection against rain and stains. Each pack contains 12 thick wipes.


After giving your kicks a thorough wipe and only when you're nearly blinded by the shininess, grab that Sneaky Spray we talked about earlier and give them a nice fresh bath. Good to go (don't forget to leave to dry first!).



Sneaky Suede

Sneaky Suede

If you fall into the elegant group of suede shoe owners, you might want to get your hands on the Sneaky Suede. This dry cleaning kit helps you remove dirt and stains from suede and nubuck in a New York minute!

The cleaning block lifts off dirt/stains from the leather surface and the fine bristle brush will help to restore the suede to its original napped state. Since we know that you will always keep an eye on the state of your suede shoes, the kit's compact size makes it a perfect travel cleaner wherever you are.



Sneaky Fresh

Sneaky Fresh 

The last but not least touch to the SneakyBrand product collection we offer is Sneaky Fresh. This fast-action spray eliminates odours from footwear keeping them box fresh. 

Even though it seems like it's simply masking odours, Sneaky Fresh actually attacks and completely removes them from your footwear. It will also keep the inside of your shoes safe from germs and bacteria that can develop with long use.


• If possible, remove the insoles of your footwear. 
• Spray inside your shoes. You don't have to overdo it, keep some for later or for the rest of your shoes!
• Allow to dry before you wear them. 
• Enjoy healthy and fresh footwear!



So there you have it!

If you've kept up until this point, then we know you are a true kicks lover and want to make the best out of your new footwear to keep it clean and healthy, as well as extend its lifetime.

Our philosophy at HotelShops is to treat our clothing and shoes the way the deserve to be treated, as unique parts of our everyday life, rather than simply pieces of fabric sewn together to cover our parts! This is why we are glad to offer to our clients these amazing products! And we speak from the customer's point of view when we say they really work. Trust us, we tried them all!

So what do you think? Have you tried them yet? Tell us all about your experience and, if you can spare a minute or two, post a demonstration in the comment section below for our fellow readers!

If you want to order your own SneakyBrand products, you can do so by visiting this page.