Tyler, Τhe Creator & Converse will continue the partnership with three new colorways of the Converse Golf Le Fleur One Star.  

Originally released in 1974, One Star started off a cold start in a 20-year freeze in a slow simmer in the mid-1990s just to make a hot ticket in 2010 when Converse released a skateboarding version of the shoe. Adding to the recent heat, Tyler's interpretation of One Star, called Golf le Fleur*, was exhausted in a few hours in two drops so far. The shoe features premium leather suede upper and a flower-shaped strip embedded on the side, replacing the One Star logo. The shoes are accompanied by one separate carry case made of canvas, bearing the Golf Le Fleur logo on the front.  



The American designer and Hip-Hop artist, Tyler the Creator, has previously worked with Vans and Adidas with great success before joining the Converse family by dropping the first Golf Le Fleur in the summer of 2017. The One Star Converse x Golf Le Fleur is available in 3 splendid pastel colors Jade Lime, Bachelor Blue and Geranium Pink.




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