As one of New Balance's best-sellers, the 574 is having a facelift with the brand new 574 Sport. After its debut back in the 80's, the New Balance 574 Sport is here to open a new chapter to the brand's sport-style category.

This sneaker serves as a bridge between sports and lifestyle footwear, thus combining the brand's athletic character with the modern Fresh Foam absorption technology for total comfort. This is a contemporary approach to the needs of today's customer.




The 574S is the epitome of New Balance's promise to deliver products of the highest possible quality and performance, while preserving the original aesthetic of the brand. This is achieved by careful attention to detail and the use of premium quality products that will please even the most demanding customer.



The main characteristic of the 574S is its athletic, smooth surface. The midsole has been reconstructed and combined with the absorbent and comfortable feel of the Fresh Foam. The heel has been reinforced with Absorb foam, providing new levels of comfort and stability. The outer sole comes in a lighter weight and a brand new look that allows the shoe to be worn in a greater variety of conditions.

It is designed for a new generations, inspired by the New Balance ideals.



MONDAY 04/09/2017