Brian Woo — better known as Dr. Woo, one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in the world — has a proud, individualistic personal style. He’s quick to mix high and low and wears favored items until they reach a perfect patina. In this, the Converse Chuck 70 is a favorite, so unsurprisingly the silhouette is the focus of the artist's second collaboration with Converse. Attempting to visually chart evolution, Woo has created a shoe that transforms through abrasion and friction. “The shoe is a culmination of all things that I love — vintage, the wearing in of your own clothes, how it keeps developing, transitioning, and how the Chuck, specifically, can stay in your life so long,” he says.  

Arriving in black, the Chuck 70s reveal a Sunset Gold colorway, respectively, over time. The outsoles are transparent and Woo's famed eye motif sits on the left toe box.





“The beauty in the breakdown of the shoe is what I wanted to highlight,” says Woo. “The way you receive your shoe is not the end game. It is fully pliable and moldable to, however, the wearer wants to wear it. Putting your shoe through that is the reward — seeing how it gets beat up.”  






The Converse x Dr. Woo collection proudly releases September 6  ONLINE  HERE

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