Superstar Beckenbauer

Adidas honors the German football legend Franz Beckenbauer by introducing the all new Adidas Superstar Beckenbauer. Find more about this special edition sneaker, now available at HotelShops!


The Legend

How do you consistently earn the trust of world-class athletes through the decades? Produce innovative products that make them better for once. Adi Dassler’s secret to success had an additional personal ingredient: he met with athletes (some of them even as visitors in Herzogenaurach), listened carefully to what they said and constantly observed what can be improved or even invented to support their needs. The best of the best trusted adidas and its founder from the beginning. And that would not change throughout the decades to come. 

One of such athletes was the legendary football star from Germany, Franz Beckenbauer.


Franz Beckenbauer


What’s in a name? Everything, when you name it after a “Kaiser”. When the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit model celebrated its debut, it became the first piece of apparel for adidas and opened a whole new business to a company that, so far, was famous for shoes. In 1982 Adidas released one of the most recognisable designs from the 80s, the Adidas Beckenbauer Allround Trainer as a training shoe for the "Kaiser". 


Superstar Beckenbauer


Supertar Beckenbauer Pack

Today Adidas honours Beckenbauer once more, this time by fusing the iconic football star into another all time classic from the 80's, creating the Adidas Superstar Beckenbauer. With emphasis on his club years with New York football team New York Cosmos. 'The Kaiser Of New York' is printed on the sides of the classic shell-toe sneaker, which is upgraded with a mesh upper and leather stripes carrying the German legends name.

There really isn't much more to say about this special edition sneaker. The product itself says it all. If you want to know more about the Adidas Superstar you can read our extended article here, and if you think the Beckenbauer is the shoe for you, you can buy it here.


Superstar Beckenbauer