Adidas Stan Smith

In the 70's Stan Smith became the world No. 1 tennis player. Today, the Adidas Stan Smith has become the No. 1 fashion choice, in celebration of the legendary athlete. Find out all you should know about this classic sneaker by Adidas and make it yours at HotelShops!



In a nutshell: Adidas issued its first tennis sneaker in 1963, which was branded as the "Robert Haillet" after the French tennis player two years later. When Haillet retired, the company replaced him with Stan Smith, the then #1 player in the world. In 1971, the shoe became known as the Adidas Stan Smith yet for much of the 70s the shoe showed Smith's face with "Haillet" written above it - identity crisis. It really hit its stride in the 80's, but only became a fashion phenomenon recently. One of the top tennis shoes of all time - both in sales and influence.


Stan Smith Men Outfit


And whether you like it or not, the 90's are back and the fashion world is overflown with mom jeans, multicolour and metallic clothes, but the greatest comeback is that of the sporty look. Established designers have included sneakers in their latest collections and the street are full of 'old school'. And what's more classic than the iconic Adidas Stan Smith and its restoration to the shelves after two years of abscence.


Stan Smith Outfit


As Classic As It Gets

The Adidas Stan Smith is to sneakers what Levi's are to jeans and Kim Kardashian's Instagram is to selfies. A uniquely simple design, without edgy lines, in plain simple colors, the Stan Smith has the secret recipe to what we call 'classic'. But many things are classic and not all of them suit to our taste. Well, that's not the case for the Stan Smith. Wear it casual, wear it formal, in Winter or Summer, clean and fresh or dirty and used, this sneaker is a wild card in your outfit! Celebrities like Katie Holmes replaced their stilletos with Stan Smiths to complete their dress outfit and you can even wear it with a suit. 

On top of that, Stan Smith offers ultimate comfort with its super soft insole, while its light weight will allow you to wear them for hours and never get tired! 




Can I Haz Stan Smith?

You don't have to ask if the Stan Smiths will suit you. They will. Try them out. And maybe you won't like them but you definitely won't look bad in them! If you want to order your own pair of Adidas Stan Smith, you can it HERE. Ideally, combine it with a pair of invisible socks and a Sneaky Spray along with a Sneaky Fresh by SneakyBrand to keep your new sneakers in top shape!