Have you ever wondered how the name New Balance came to be? The answer is definitely gonna make you smile; see it's one of these cases where a grand idea has its roots in the simplest, everyday occurences that we so often ignore. 

So back in 1906, Wiliam J. Riley was chilling out on his yard staring at his rooster like all people with roosters did back in '06. And then it struck him. By inspecting the three claw balance technique of his roosters, he managed to implement that in the footwear tech that gave birth to the New Balance Arch Support Company. His excitement was so big, he used a rooster foot that he always had on his desk to demonstrate that 'New Balance' technology.

Because of all that history, New Balance honours its father with a special edition "Yard Pack" that comes in Riley's roosters' colours and bears the appropriate logo on the inside.

The great news though is that we have managed to have our hands on that gorgeous New Balance 577 "Yard Pack" for all of you sneaker lovers out there and collectors alike. Be sure to check it out and make it yours by following this link.