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  • New Balance 577 'Yard Pack' Is Here!

    Have you ever wondered how the name New Balance came to be? The answer is definitely gonna make you smile; see it's one of these cases where a grand idea has its roots in the simplest, everyday occurences that we so often ignore. So back in 1906, Wiliam J. Riley ...


    New Balance has done it. Again. And 2017 brings us a brand new creation that will blow your mind. Please stand up for the spectacular New Balance 274! Providing modern comfort and style, the 274 is deeply inspired by the brands most ...

  • Adidas NMD: Landing Tonight!

    No matter what you're doing tonight, you might wanna have Internet access, cause on March 17 at 00:00GMT+2 sharp , the brand new Adidas NMD will finally be available at HotelShops. And trust us, the will vanish...

  • Hotelshops Welcomes DC!

    It's happening! DC has just checked in at HotelShops and is here to make a stand. The first arrivals are already here and we love them, but not everyone is familiar with the name and the brand's history. So what exactly is DC? ...